Who is David?

David Shanahan has been practising Optometry in Australia for over two decades. He has a Fellowship in Optometry with a Post Grad from UNSW in ocular health conditions and is therapeutically endorsed to prescribe and treat almost any eye condition. With an unbridled passion for the industry he has set himself apart with an extra level of patient care and a range of frames unlike any other in WA. David has a keen interest in the evolving nature of how optometrists should examine the eyes and the scientific understanding of how our vision works. The practice quickly became known for David's attention to detail and the teams dedication to customer service both in and out of the testing room. The team and shop may have changed but the philosophy of quality customer service has not. 

David also consistently invests in new technologies as they become available and researches the field in his own time. David was the first primary care optometry practice to sign up with Heidelberg Engineering for laser imaging, recognised pioneers and world leaders in imaging technologies of the eye. In fact the machine David uses is the same one that is currently being used on the International Space Station. More recently the practice has become the first in Western Australia to use new imaging technology in partnership with Carl Zeiss Vision Care- a pioneer in German lens making. This machine takes precise measurements to fit your lenses perfectly to your face.  



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