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Our commitment to excellence sets us apart. With combined experience of over two decades, optometrist David Shanahan, strives to give patients the highest quality care. David is supported by the latest technology including retinal photography, corneal topography, threshold visual fields analysis and Digital microscope photography.

At David Shanahans we stock some of the finest handmade eyewear from Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and Australia with materials such as high quality layered acteates, titanium, naturally sourced horn and even handmade wooden frames. Brands such as DITA, Lindberg, Moscot and more. There are brands you will not see anywhere else in WA perhaps even the country! 

Late in 2016 the entire practice was renovated for a sleek, modern feel (see above)

Continued commitment to investment in the latest cutting edge technologies sets the practice apart. A must for anyone with a family history of Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma or Diabetes.

David has a keen interest in the fitting and supply of the complete spectrum of contact lenses. From regular Soft Contact Lenses to the specially developed Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses for Orthokeralogy and Keratoconus. 




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