Dry eye and computer eyestrain management

Dry eyes are a problem which affects up to 30% of the population. It is characterised by insufficient tears.

David offers the latest research based treatments for dry eye including IPL (intense pulse light therapy.)

Dry eye can afflict anyone of any age, but is more common as we age because we produce a smaller volume of tears. Menopause and excessive computer use can also cause dry eye.

If you are suffering the following symptoms, come in and see David Shanahan for a consultation and treatment plan.

  • stinging or burning
  • itchiness (particularly in the corners of the eyes)
  • occasional blurred vision
  • redness
  • tired eyes (a feeling like you need to close the eyes)
  • mucus around the eyelids, particularly upon waking
  • a feeling of grittiness, or the sensation of something foreign in the eye (like an eyelash or a grain of sand). 

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