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Dita craftsmanshipDITA’s craftsmanship is just one example of how they hold true to the time-honoured belief that there are no shortcuts to quality. Like samurai sword smiths from a bygone era, their master craftsmen have dedicated as many as 50 years to perfecting their crafts. These modern day masters bring innovative designs to life by transforming the finest acetates and metals into eyewear of incomparable beauty, quality and style. DITA is one of the few remaining eyewear brands that delivers on genuine luxury with inspired designs, extraordinary materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

Like master watchmakers practising their timeless craft, DITA provides a reprieve from a mechanised world where grace, beauty and craftsmanship are increasingly considered antiquated concepts.

Creating a single DITA frame can take as many as 320 separate productions steps over 8 months. Modern production techniques and technologies are carefully selected at each stage to create a product that is deeper, richer and higher quality that screams DITA the moment you put it in your hands or on your face! As they put it:

“Our perpetual mission is to create the world's finest and most beautiful eyewear because for us, a passionate commitment to excellence is the only acceptable way of life.”


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